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Travelling by Public transport Arusha-Moshi

Many travellers visit Kilimanjaro region and they have no idea how they can get around cheaply. Sometimes the cost of a taxi is too expensive  and you want to have a taste of the public transport. For backpackers this is much easier since they are used to travelling the hard way. For people who have not been backpacking, Is it possible to travel around Kilimanjaro without a guide and make it by public transport? The answer is always yes, but you have to understand public transport around Tanzania like most African countries is different. It might not be what one is used to especially if you are coming from a first world country. “Here we love each other”; This love means you are squeezed a bit and at times squashed in between bodies. You can pay for an extra seat to ensure you get some breathing space but still you will have an adventurous time in our public transport.

1) Arusha-Moshi. If you are travelling from Arusha to Moshi town you are going to be a bit lucky. The buses are a bit more comfortable and slightly bigger making your travel not too difficult.  You will take the bus from Arusha bus stop which is easy to get there from most parts of Arusha town. If you are staying at hotel in town you can easily walk or you can take a taxi depending how far your hotel is located. 

The cost of the bus from Arusha town to Moshi town is Tsh. 3,000 which is approximately $ 1.5 to $ 2. Once in the bus make sure you bag is placed in safe place(if possible where you can see it) You can ask to pay for an extra seat so that you can have your bag with you. It is better to be safe than sorry. Take care of your personal belongings when you are at the bus stop please avoid exposing expensive things like phones and cameras. You never know whom you might attract. The buses are regular and in every few hours there is a bus departing from Arusha to Moshi. These buses are available from as early as 6am and will go on all the way to about 6/7pm.

2)Moshi-Arusha. If you are taking the bus from Moshi to Arusha the process is the same and you will take the bus from Moshi bus stop. Follow the same steps as from Arusha and you will be safe. If you dont want to be disturbed at Arusha town, Make sure you alight before the bus stop. Ask the conductor to drop you at either Philips and take a taxi to your destination or at Mount Meru hotel or Sanawari. This will help you avoid so much chaos at the bus stop and you can easily find a taxi at these locations. if you go all the way to the bus stop brave yourself for people trying to sell you safari as taxi drivers pulling your bags from all angles all wanting to take you to your next destination. If you can stand this then it is fine but hold on to your bag tightly and you can just say a polite “Hapana Asante” which means no thank you.

We wish you a wonderful travel and if you have any question please dont hesitate to contact us.

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