(a) Single Entry VISA (Ordinary VISA / Tourist VISA)
This Visa is issued for a single entry to a visitor for a period not exceeding three months for the purpose of holidays, business, health treatment, studies, leisure or any other activity legally recognized by the Law.

(b) Multiple VISA
This type of visa is issued to enable a foreigner to come to Tanzania for several times within the validity of the visa. Foreigners who, because of the nature of their business or investments need to make frequent visits to the United Republic of Tanzania are issued with multiple entry visas. The validity range of this visa is from three months to one year, provided that a single stay shall not exceed ninety days. Applications for a multiple entry visa are usually submitted by local contacts on behalf of the applicants. The fee is US $100 with exception of Pakistan nationals whose specific visa fee is US $200. 

(c) Transit VISA
Transit visa is granted to enable the visitor to pass through the United Republic of Tanzania to any other destination abroad. This type of visa is only issued to persons with onward tickets, sufficient funds for transit and an entry visa to the country of destination or any proof that prior arrangements have been made that satisfy this requirement. It is issued for a maximum period of fourteen (7) days and non extendable. Standard fee for Transit visa is US $30.

(d) Business VISA
Business Visa may be issued to persons for the purpose of temporarily conducting business, trade, professional or assignment for a period not exceeding three months and it is not extendable.

(e) Gratis Visa
This type of visa is issued to Diplomatic, Service and Official Passport holders, except when travelling on unofficial capacity in which they are subjected to pay prescribed fees. Holders of UN, SADC, AU Laissez-Passer and other International Organizations recognized by the United Republic of Tanzania are granted gratis visa, except when travelling on non official capacity in which they are subject to pay for prescribed visa fees.

(f) Referral Cases
There are some countries which their nationals require special clearance from the Commissioner General of Immigration or the Commissioner of Immigration (Zanzibar) prior to issuance of the Visa. These countries fall under the referral visa category. Applicants whose nationals fall under referral visa category are not advised to book flight tickets or make any reservations before they get their visa.

Visa fee rates:
Fee rates for Ordinary visa is US $50, except for the following Nationals with their specific visa rates in brackets; Pakistan (US $200), USA-(US $100), Ireland ( US $100 ), Transit visa is US $30, while standard Multiple visa is US $100.