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The honeymoon is a time of mostly uninterrupted romantic bliss as you and your partner prepare for a life together. Once the “I dos” have been uttered and the thank you cards sent, it’s time to whisk away on a fairy-tale adventure and enjoy a few weeks of undisturbed excitement. Seeing as this is probably one of the most important holidays you’ll ever take, deciding where to go is of paramount importance – may we suggest Africa? Particularly the endless rolling plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti.

A safari adventure in the Serengeti National Park is a one-of-a-kind experience that embodies what it means to be in the wild. The game drives reveal something new to cherish each day, the nature walks are as refreshing as they are educative, and the sundowners are simply magnificent. But when it comes to honeymoons, the Serengeti takes those experiences to a different level. Imagine staying in a luxe suite nestled in an exclusive area of untamed wilderness and breathtaking natural scenery. The majestic landscape sprawls across the horizon while the sounds of the various animals in the distance and the sweet, gentle breathing of your spouse are the only things you hear for miles. Not yet sold? Here are some reasons to consider: