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Budget Camping Serengeti Safari

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Budget Camping Serengeti Safari

Budget camping Serengeti Safari is the ideal way for those who like to “rough it”. Accommodation is provided in a public campsite in a two-man tent with folding safari beds, mattresses, pillows blankets and bed sheets. The tents are spacious enough for two people and have a mesh on each window to keep off insects. The guests’ safari vehicle, invariably a 4-wheel drive (4×4), manned by a driver-guide experienced in camping and accompanied by your cook, tows a custom-built trailer carrying camping equipment and provisions or in some cases another vehicle depending with the number of guests. 

All preparations for setting up the camp are made on arrival at the campsite. The driver-guide and cook will pitch tents, cook and do cleaning. The cook prepares three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner (3-course) served on a dining table with chairs. The public campsites provide basic washroom facilities including shared toilets and shower of reasonable hygienic standard for the guests.

If you choose a Serengeti safari on a budget, your best choice is to make a camping trip. Arusha City Guide —a local tour operator offers various budget camping safaris to the Serengeti, where you stay in a campsite. You can check out our Serengeti budget camping safari, wherein you can experience the magical view of the Serengeti national park and see the wonders of the Ngorongoro conservation area.

How much is a Serengeti on a budget safari tour?

Typically, a safari destination can cost around 280 USD per night for budget safaris. Meanwhile, mid-range safaris may cost around 350 USD each night, and 750 USD for luxury safaris, while top-end safaris can cost over 1,500 USD per night.

However, you can do a budget Serengeti safari by making a camping safari. You can check out our budget safari tours for more information.

Furthermore, you can also go on an affordable safari tour by joining a group safari to divide the cost.

Just choose a reliable safari company or local tour operator to get the best value for your money. You’ll also have a great time seeing the Great wildebeest migration, countless pink flamingos in Lake Manyara, and other wild animals on your safari tour.


What can you do in a Serengeti on a budget tour?

If you’re taking Serengeti on a budget, there are still many things that you can do. These include game drives with wildlife viewing, where you can witness the breath-taking beauty of lions and sites like the Olduvai Gorge—one of the most important paleoanthropological locations and of course get to know the Maasai at the Maasai village.

You can also try out different safaris —such as walking safaris and viewing wildlife on a horse. However, it’s best to note that this won’t be cheap.

But, if you want an unforgettable experience and to save money, you can opt directly for a hot air balloon flight and see the endless plains of the Serengeti, along with the various wildlife living in it.

What is the best way to visit Serengeti?

Choosing a reliable tour operator is the number one factor for a successful safari experience. However, if you are going on a private safari to public campsites, make sure to get all the necessary permits beforehand.

We recommend spending as many days in the Serengeti as possible. While there are many different accommodation options, the extra cost of staying for longer will be well worth it.

Additionally, make sure to come during the dry season to spot more animals, and be mindful of your travel dates.

Looking for help planning an affordable safari in Tanzania? Then contact us today.

When it comes to a lifetime experience in the Serengeti National park, Easy travel can make it happen for you. We can help craft your itinerary or make a customizable trip for you!

How to get to Serengeti

When is the right time to travel to the Serengeti?

You can visit the Serengeti at any time of year and have fantastic wildlife sightings. However, if you want to view the Wildebeest migration, it’ll be ideal to be there between July and October to witness this phenomenal event.

The rainy season is a good time to go for bird viewing. Meanwhile, wildebeest calving—which is a great spectacle to behold happens from January to March.

You can learn more about the best time to visit via our Annual Planner

How to reach Serengeti National Park?

Most safaris to the Serengeti start from the town of Arusha. The best option to get there is to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) which is situated about 46km/29mi from Arusha. It is also possible to fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), just outside of Dar es Salaam, and fly on to Arusha Airport (ARK) or Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO).

There are regular flights from Arusha to several airstrips inside the park.

It’s also possible to drive; the trip is about 325km/202mi and will take about eight hours. It is a bumpy ride but it’s scenic and you’ll see some wildlife on the way.

As the trip takes you through the Ngorongoro Conservation area, a popular option is to fly one way, and drive the other way taking in an overnight stop to visit the Ngorongoro Crater. Coming from the crater, the distance to the Seronera area in the Serengeti is about 140km/90mi, and the driving time is about three hours.

Serengeti national park distance from Arusha is around 419.2 Km if passing through B144 Tanzania. The drive takes 6 to 7 hours drive depending on the traffic flow on the highway, the driving is much controlled by the traffic police with more speed limits especially in certain points.


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