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These amazing  Serengeti Safari Group Join packages are purposefully design to suit those who prefer a group safari it an amazing experience to share moments with friends of different culture in these beautiful Tanzania place,we will take you to Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Tarangire, Manyara National Park, Arusha National Park , you will be able to witness amazing animals such as the big five (Elephants, Rhinos, Lions , Buffalo, Leopard) you will also be able to see the maasai culture when we pass to the Maasai villages, you can also be able to see the historical sites where the early man skull was discovered.

Serengeti Group-joining safaris have highly  become popular now days. It is a type of safari wherein a traveler or group of travelers join other like-minded adventurers on a safari. This is an ideal way to cut down on costs as travelers in the group share the expenses on fuel, guides, etc. and at the same time share the experience with new friends. Besides, the wild animals couldn’t possibly care about how much you paid for your safari, right? So whether you are on a private tour or on a group-joining tour, the animals will do their thing — cheetahs will run about in amazing speed, hyenas will chase after zebras and wildebeests, lions will pry over their stalked prey, giraffes will browse the trees, chimpanzees will swing amongst tree branches and Nile crocodiles will attack hooves without reservation! So basically, a group-joining safari is perfect for you!!

Why Joining Serengeti Safari Group Join:
  1. Necessarily  decrease costs which  is importantly fairly to you
  2. Meeting new people amplifies your experience
  3. Sharing window seats is fine with you
  4. You still get to enjoy the parks and attractions you want to but you’re okay with not having total control of the time and itinerary
  5. Interaction with people of different Cultures.