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Arusha City –  Tanzania’s safari capital

The prosperous Arusha – the city of my roots – is the gateway to all the northern national parks of Tanzania and therefore often the starting point of many memorable safaris.

Arusha city is a nice place to relax after arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, and to acclimatize before your exciting safari starts.

Where will your adventure take you?

About Arusha City

Arusha city lies in a green, fertile environment against Mount Meru. It is a large and vast city with all its contradictions.
Just outside the city is the Arusha National Park, a gem for a day safari.

Arusha city is a multicultural city with a predominantly Tanzanian population with a mixed background: indigenous Bantu, Arab-Tanzanian and Indian-Tanzanian population, plus a small white European and American minority group.

Arusha National Park’s climate is normally pleasant and mild. It is usually cool to cold at night and in the early morning and it rarely gets hot during the day. It is important to pack warm clothing for use in the evenings and game drives in the early morning.

The Dry season is from June to September, and there are two Wet seasons: the ‘long rains’ (March to May) and the ‘short rains’ (November to December). The rainy season consists of afternoon thundershowers, but it would be rare for it to rain all day. Arusha NP incorporates Mount Meru and the area at the base of the mountain and tends to get slightly more rain and clouds..

1. Arusha is considered the de facto capital of East Africa and is an important international diplomatic center of the country.

2. Arusha city is also called the Geneva of Africa, one of the most prosperous cities of Tanzania and a peaceful idyll of relaxation before the start of an exciting journey.

3. Since 1994, Arusha city has been hosting the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.


4. Arusha city was first inhabited in the 1830s by the agro-pastoral Arusha Maasai from the Arusha Chini community, south of Kilimanjaro. They exchanged grains, honey, beer and tobacco with the pastoral Kisongo Maasai in exchange for livestock, milk, meat and skins.

5. Although Arusha city is close to the equator, its high location on the southern slopes of Mount Meru keeps temperatures and humidity relatively low.

6. “Arusha city is the city of my roots. I have lived here for 13 years,” said Marjolijn Pronk, founder and owner of Explore Tanzania.

Arusha Safari Tours

Arusha City Tour

Explore the vibrant city Arusha during a city tour. This tour is a nice mix of fun and culture, with a guide who takes you to the most beautiful and interesting spots of this lovely city.

Cultural Tours Around Arusha

Arusha Town is surrounded by tribal societies that are in transition from traditional to modern way of life. A visit to the villages enables visitors to get an insight of the fading African traditional life.

Canoeing Safari in Arusha

A gentle canoeing safari following the shorelines of Momella lake in Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara, Subjet to water level, or Lake Duluti.

Best Walking tours in Arusha

A walking safari in Arusha gives you a whole new and unique perspective of the national park and is an exciting way to explore the wildlife and scenery, these are best experienced by foot.

Wildlife Safari from Arusha

Explore the vibrant city Arusha during a city tour. This tour is a nice mix of fun and culture, with a guide who takes you to the most beautiful and interesting spots of this lovely city.

Mountain Climbing

Explore the vibrant city Arusha during a city tour. This tour is a nice mix of fun and culture, with a guide who takes you to the most beautiful and interesting spots of this lovely city.

Best Hotels in Arusha

Mount Meru Hotel

Set at the foot of Mount Meru and located opposite Arusha Golf Course, the 4-star Mount Meru Hotel features an outdoor pool, fitness centre and 24-hour front desk.

Four Point Sheraton Arusha

Offering a gym, a restaurant and a swimming pool surrounded by gardens, Four Points by Sheraton, The Hotel is conveniently located by the city centre.

Fun Retreat Resort

Featuring water sports facilities and a sun terrace with a swimming pool, Fun Retreat is located in Arusha, 3.9 km from Njiro Complex and 7 km from Old German Boma.

Arusha city Video & FAQs

Situated at the foot of the beautiful Mount Meru, Arusha is known as the safari capital of Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit. It’s a bustling city filled with an interesting mix of markets, chaotic traffic, old colonial buildings and modern conveniences, like coffee shops with WiFi, and an array of great restaurants.

Top 8 things to do in Arusha
  1. #1: Climbing mount Meru.
  2. #2: Book a northern circuit Tanzania safari tour.
  3. #3: Visit the Arusha National Park.
  4. #4: Nature walk at Lake Duluti.
  5. #5: Go to Meserani Snake Park.
  6. #6: Canoeing on Lake Momella.
  7. #7: Pay a visit to the national natural history museum Arusha.
  8. #8: Visit the maasai tribe.

YES, but not alone, As most incidents happen in big cities everywhere around the world, we do not recommend to walk alone in the city after dark (7pm). This rule applies throughout Africa and not just Tanzania. Use safe transport like taxis or ask your hotel or guide to arrange the transfer.

Arusha has a higher quality of life than some of the other areas of Tanzania. As an ex-pat, you can easily get an affordable home with most of the same amenities you have in your home country. The country does have random power and water outages though.

Arusha National Park is the closest park to the town with the similar name. It is a popular destination for day trip visitors who are about to embark from the town of Arusha on longer northern circuit safaris.